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Our Impact

Our Tucson community is faced with the escalating problem of homelessness. Failed by the system, unhoused women are forced into a life on the streets consistent with feelings of emotional and physical distress. With the constant rise of poverty, there has never been a larger need for a community response. Sister José Women’s Center uses a holistic approach to end the cycle of homelessness by combining compassion, dignity, and respect for all women who walk through the doors of our facility.

Homelessness in Pima County


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Center Services



Six days a week, our facilities offer breakfast, lunch, and a home cooked dinner for women experiencing homelessness. With the help of our volunteers, we are able to provide nutritious meals keeping our guests healthy, happy, and comfortable. 



Our laundry room allows guests to clean their clothes and personal belongings. Because of your generosity, we are in the process of adding commercial washers and dryers to ensure each guest has clean clothes.



Through generous donations, we are able to provide clean, warm clothes for our guests. We offer clothing, shoes, new underwear, and socks. Many of our guests don’t have access to the basic necessities we provide.

Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces

Sister José’s is a low barrier center without requirements, referrals, or fees. The center meets guests where they are and supports a journey to a more sustainable future. All guests and their beloved pets are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve and long for.



Our facilities are housed with four showers and four restrooms stocked with personal hygiene products. In addition, we have one shower and one bathroom that are wheelchair accessible. Throughout the day, our guests have access to our shower amenities.



Caseworkers provide our guests with mentorship and the necessary resources to begin their transition out of homelessness. The safety and support provided by our case navigators helps our guests establish and achieve goals that prepare them to overcome barriers, navigate social services, and enter the rental or job market. 

Our Programs

Night Program

The Night Program

Every night, our facility houses forty-two women and offers them a home-cooked meal. Night program services allow guests the relief to sleep soundly at night knowing they are in a safe environment. We are pleased to announce the expansion of our facilities, which will house an additional fifteen women. Every stay plants the seed for women to believe in the possibility of a sustainable future. 

Day Program

The Day Program

Sister José Women’s Center operates a low-barrier daytime drop-in center that provides safe spaces for all guests. We provide breakfast and lunch for women who would otherwise have no access to nutritious meals. When guests enter our facilities, they are welcomed with open arms from staff and volunteers. Our program offers vital products that are basic necessities of life:

  • Safety for women in a pet friendly center
  • Breakfast and sack lunches from Caridad Community Kitchen
  • Hot showers and personal hygiene products
  • Free clothing, shoes, socks, and new underwear
  • Laundry facilities
  • Visiting outreach and local agencies
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Leisure activities